Christopher Choy

Building technology with respect for humans and the future.



Congratulations, you found my website! Have some cookies while you read about me.

At a glance, I’m a computer scientist with a focus in cloud technologies and computer security & privacy. My passions are in digital privacy, human-computer interactions, teaching others, and “building cool stuff”. I believe technology should make a positive impact on people’s lives and that developers should build responsibly.

Currently, I’m a graduate student at Carnegie-Mellon University pursuing my masters in Privacy Engineering. On the side, I conduct research as part of the CyLab Usable Privacy & Security (CUPS) Lab under Professor Lorrie Cranor. Prior to this, I worked as a Software Engineer at iManage building out their Cloud Backend. And prior to that? Well… you should really just take a look at my LinkedIn.

As for what lies beyond the resume, I indulge in many activities including soccer, tennis, video games, cooking, costume-making, tabletop games, and petting cats. I also speak a bit of Japanese! Chat with me about any of those things and I’ll gladly talk your ear off.



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