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Hello World! My name is Christopher Choy. I’m a fourth-year Computer Science major at The University of Chicago.

I consider myself to be a well-rounded undergraduate student and developing young professional. My professional passions are for data science, software engineering, and human-computer interactions. And my greatest strengths are my dependability, organization, and amicable nature. I aim to make a positive impact in people’s lives, and I believe in leveraging today’s technology to do just that.

My coursework has given me a strong understanding of low-level computer science concepts. And my experiences through my academic, personal, and professional projects have given me an awareness for user needs and team collaboration. Though I am relatively new to the industry, I look forward to exploring and learning about all of the various fields within.


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University of Chicago | Chicago, IL
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
Expected June 2019
Honors: Dean’s List 2017-18

Worcester Preparatory School | Berlin, MD
High School Diploma, June 2015

Select Coursework

Software Construction
Operating Systems
Usable Security and Privacy


Big Data Analytics + Automation Intern
Jun. - Sept. 2018 | Malta, NY

  • Architected, implemented, and marketed a big data cloud storage system that supplied an Amazon Web Services cloud platform for machine learning and data visualizations with an estimated Return On Investment of $2M+ (760%).
  • Automated processes using Streamsets, Python, Kubernetes, and Docker to ensure Quality of Service for clusters streaming over 500GB/day of data into a data lake.
  • Created previously unavailable visualizations of large datasets for impact and failure analysis of repeatedly cancelled wafer operations using Apache Spark and Jupyter Notebook.

Computer Science Instructional Laboratory, University of Chicago
Programmer, Student Office Assistant, Tutor
Jan. 2017 - present | Chicago, IL

  • Generated and maintained Mac OS X computer images using Ansible automation to ensure integrity and uniformity across 50 lab machines on a daily basis.
  • Collaborated with peers to program software critical for administrative tasks such as machine backups, server resource allocations, and generating usage statistics for 4 labs with up to 100 concurrent users.

compileHer, University of Chicago
Head of Modules, Curriculum Board Member
Jan. 2017 - present | Chicago, IL

  • Engaged with female middle school students by facilitating their understanding of key computer science concepts through straightforward, hands-on lessons.
  • Designed 8 stimulating weekly curricula and 5 annual capstone modules in collaboration with fellow undergraduates and university professors.
  • Reduced future gender parity and discrimination in STEM fields by giving young female students real-world skills and the inspiration to continue their studies in computer science.


Spamalot II: Spam Bothers Me
Spring 2018

  • Scientific paper detailing a pilot study for further research into human-defined, machine learning classifiers that would improve email spam filters.
  • Built a dynamic survey that interacted with Gmail’s API to securely pull and display random emails from participants’ inboxes.

Music-Driven Workout App
Winter 2018

  • Worked on a team of 8 students for 6 weeks to deliver an iOS application that recognizes a user’s exercise rhythm and builds a Spotify playlist with songs to match that rhythm.
  • Created the front-end interface and server API using Swift, Python, Flask, Xcode, and Digital Ocean.


Autumn 2017

  • Built a “pint-sized” operating system using C to implement key features on top of an instructional operating system framework that improved the code’s performance and reliability.
  • Implementation Highlights: thread priority donation, virtual memory, system calls, separation of user and kernel space, and a better file system.



Proficient: C • Python • Bash • SML
Familiar: Java • C++ • Swift • Assembly • SQL • HTML • CSS • DrRacket
Exposure: Javascript • R • PHP • Django


Proficient: Git • Vim • Mac OS X • Linux • Docker • Streamsets • Google Sheets
Familiar: LaTeX • MS Excel • Xcode • Kubernetes • Apache Kafka • Apache Spark • Flask • Jupyter Notebook
Exposure: Windows 10 • Elastic Filebeat


2017-2019      President (‘18), Vice President (‘17) | Japanese Animation Society, University of Chicago
2017-2019      Curriculum Lead | compileHer, University of Chicago
2017-2018      President | Shorey House, University of Chicago
2014-2015      President | Class of 2015, Worcester Preparatory School
2014-2015      Captain | Varsity Tennis, Worcester Preparatory School


Kendo • Tennis • Soccer • Smash 4 • Guitar • Animation • Computer Graphics • East Asian Languages & History


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